Barska Binoculars Review

Reviewed by Dayna Hatmaker
Dayna Hatmaker

Dayna is a professional optician and has been working in this profession for 7 years. She truly understands her customer's optical needs and recommends the best product. She got her optometry degree from the University of Waterloo. Other than this, she loves golfing, fishing, boating, and hitting the gym.

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Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves nature and wants to take in the serene beauty of your surroundings at a closer view?

Whether it be hunting, hiking, bird watching or camping, binoculars can provide you with an immersive experience that allows you to discover more.

Here we discuss the features of a top-notch pair of optics: Barska Binoculars. These binoculars offer superior light transmission through each lens for brighter visuals from long distances as well as amazing anti-reflection coatings for improved clarity.

With their lightweight design and rugged construction, Barska Binoculars are made from superior quality material and components making them suitable for all kinds of recreational activities in all weather conditions!

Read on to learn more about what makes Barska Binoculars stand out from its competition.

Quick Summary: Top 6 Barska Binoculars in 2023

1.  Barska Waterproof Blackhawk Binoculars


Barska has strongholds in sports optics, and they manufacture telescopes, rifle scopes, and binoculars. These Barska waterproof BlackHawk binoculars have an excellent-looking Mossy Oak camouflage finish. They are highly suitable for nature observation, safari, birding, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

These binoculars have a very rugged design and are durable. They are fully nitrogen purged and tightly sealed, making them fog-proof and waterproof binoculars.

This gives peace of mind as they are usable in rainy, moist, and damp climates. In addition, the rubber armor covering the body makes them non-slip, scratch-resistant, and even shock resistant.

These binoculars utilize premium quality BaK-4 prism, which is fully multi-coated to provide crisp and clear images. On top of that, a magnification of 10x and a 42mm objective lens diameter allows the maximum light transmission to see your target ten times bigger with the brightest image possible.

The compactness comes from using a roof prism design that does not have any zig-zag paths for the light allowing the binoculars to be compact and lightweight.

Upon purchase, they also come with a lens cloth for cleaning, a carrying case, neck strap, lens covers, and an instruction manual.


  • High magnification power with a large objective lens.
  • The camouflage finish makes them look very stylish.
  • They are compact, durable, and lightweight.
  • They are non-slip, scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, fog-proof, and waterproof binoculars.
  • They have protectively rubberized armoring on their body.
  • They come with a carrying case, neck strap, lens cover, and cloth.


  • The ocular adjustment is a little hard to turn.

2.  BARSKA Gladiator 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars

81TrqgDM5IL. AC SL1500

The BARSKA Gladiator is a powerful binocular with the main focus on terrestrial and celestial object viewing. These binoculars have a vast range of magnification, allowing them to be zoomed from 25-125x magnification. This is helpful to capture a large field of view and then focus on the target.

The objective lens diameter is also huge than average binoculars. An 80mm objective lens allows a great reception of light into the binoculars, which creates the brightest possible image.

The optics are fully multi-coated to keep the brightness constant. The prisms are BAK-4 prism which is known for their durability, sharpness, and light transmission.

These binoculars come with a durable and rugged design coming from the rubberized armoring on the body. The rubber armor covering is shock absorbent, scratch-resistant, and non-slip.

With such a high magnification, a tripod is needed for more stabilization, and these binoculars are also tripod-adaptable.

They come with additional things like a lens cloth for cleaning the lens, a carrying case, and a neck strap for easy carrying. With 25x magnification, they give a fief of view of 54ft at 16.5m from the target. Overall, they are great for hunting, nature viewing, outdoor activities, and celestial viewing.


  • They have a fully multi-coated lens.
  • BaK-4 optics is used for bright and crisp images.
  • They have a shock-absorbing, non-slip, and scratch-resistant body.
  • They are great for celestial object viewing.
  • They have a huge adjustable magnification range from 25x to 125x.
  • The objective lens is also substantial allowing maximum light transmission.
  • They are good for terrestrial viewing.


  • They are not water-resistant

3. Barska Deep Sea 7×50 Waterproof Marine Binoculars

61zNd0OLSeL. AC SL1200

These are just another great pair of high-power Barska binoculars. These ones come with some attractive features like the internal rangefinder, which specifies the distance between you and your target.

They also feature a directional compass for precise direction navigation. These features can help you a lot, especially when boating or hunting.

The design of these binos is very stylish, which makes them amazing-looking. The unique color combinations make them look wonderful. They use dry nitrogen gas and are sealed to avoid internal fogging in moist climates.

They are waterproof, non-slip, and shockproof. It also helps with its ergonomic design making it comfortable and easy to hold.

The powerful magnification of 7x and the large objective lens diameter of 50mm allow excellent viewing at a large field of view, making them ideal for outdoor use like hunting, boating, and birding.

In addition, these binoculars have fully multi-coated optics with BaK-4 prisms for bright, sharp images and maximum light transmission.

These binoculars have an excellent eye relief of 27.4mm, which is larger than most average binoculars. These binos use the Porro prism design, which has far more applications than the roof prism design.


  • They are compact, waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof, and non-slip.
  • They are great for marine use like boating, fishing, and even hunting.
  • They have a long eye relief.
  • They come with a carrying case, lens cover, lens cloth, and a neck strap.


  •  Eye relief is very sensitive to alignment.

4.  BARSKA Gladiator 20-140×80 Zoom Binoculars

81TrqgDM5IL. AC SL1500

These Barska Gladiator binoculars will give you as zoomed-in images as you want. With a variable magnification of 20x to 140x, the Barska Gladiator provides a great close view of the target.

The binoculars feature a large 80mm objective lens diameter, allowing maximum light transmission and a brighter image.

The ergonomic design makes them comfortable to use during long observation sessions. The rubber armoring on their body gives them shock absorbency and non-slip properties. They are fog proof, waterproof, and are also scratch-resistant.

The binoculars have fully multi-coated lenses with BaK-4 prisms, which allow bright and sharp images and maximum light transmission.

These bins have a long eye relief of 21mm. The Porro prism design used is applicable for more applications than the roof prism design.

They are tripod mountable and come with a carrying case, lens cover, neck strap, and a tripod adapter. The overall weight of these binoculars is 4.4 pounds which is not much for such a binocular.

They have a field of view of 54ft at 18m with 20x magnification, allowing greater horizontal landscape capture. They also come with a good exit pupil of 4mm.


  • They have an ergonomic design making them comfortable to hold.
  • They are scratch-resistant and non-slip.
  • The powerful magnification range allows you to view objects in great detail.
  • They are tripod adaptable.
  • They use good quality BaK-4 glass for their optics.
  • They are waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof.


  • It might be bulky for some people.

5. Barska Colorado 12x50mm Wide-Angle Binoculars

31q5 0TTVlL. AC

These Barska binoculars feature something vast and impressive, like the 50mm objective lens diameter. This is one of the largest objective lenses you can get on a good pair of tight-budget binoculars.

The large lens allows the most light to enter the optics, resulting in bright images, a great field of view, and excellent image quality.

These binoculars also feature an impressive 20x zoomed-up magnification. A 20x zoom provides a great close-up view of the objects and comes in handy when you are in nature exploration, birding, and hunting.

They have an ergonomic design making them comfortable to grasp. It is also one of the most comfortable binoculars in this magnification range.

These binoculars use multi-coated optics for sharp, bright images and maximum light transmission. The fold-down eyecups allow you to adjust the binoculars’ eye relief, which is very useful when you observe through them using eyeglasses.

The close focus distance of these binoculars is 10m which is always helpful in viewing objects that are close by.


  • Large objective lens diameter for increased light transmission.
  • BaK-4 glass prism for brighter images.
  • There is 12x zoom, which provides a great close-up view.
  • They have an ergonomic design.
  • Fold-down eyecups for adjusting eye relief.


  • They are not water-resistant. Considering the price, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

6. Barska 8×32 Point and View 8MP Camera Bird Watching Binoculars

712sJOw1WgL. AC SL1000

These are just another good-quality binoculars from Barska. These binoculars have a 1.5” TFT color screen LCD for viewing captured videos and images. A menu can also be viewed on the LCD, which is helpful to perform various functionalities like resolution, image quality, and size.

If you are someone who encapsulates every beautiful moment in pictures, then these binoculars come with an expandable SD memory option.

For better image quality, light variations must be sensed correctly, and for such a task, these binoculars employ a CMOS image sensor. These binoculars support AVI videos and JPG images.

Multi-coated optics let you observe objects in greater detail. The zoom capacity of these binoculars is 8x, which gives you a great close-up view of the target.

The fold-down eyecups let you adjust their eye relief which is very useful when observing using eyeglasses. The objective lens is green-tinted, making them block any glare and ambient light.

They come with a USB cable, installation CD, editing software, and driver. They also include lens cloth, pouch, a neck strap, and a carrying case for carrying them. On the upside, they support a 1-year warranty.


  • They have a 1.5” TFT color screen LCD for viewing captured videos and images.
  • The LCD also displays a menu for adjusting resolution, image quality, and image size.
  • AVI and JPG formats are supported.
  • They have an 8x magnification for close-up views.
  • Fold-down eyecups for adjusting eye relief.
  • A carrying case, neck strap, lens cloth, and pouch are included.


  • They are not waterproof.

Buying Guide:

Buying binoculars requires you to consider some essential things. The design and the quality of the optics make a significant difference in whether you will be satisfied with using them.

Overall, there are four critical things to consider when buying binoculars. These are binocular optical performance, peripherals, focusing, and user-adjustable features.

1. Optical Performance

Binoculars with poor quality optics will experience diffusion in light reflection, which affects the balance and contrast of the image.

As a result, the image might deteriorate at the edges of the ocular lens. Also, they will have difficulty maintaining a focused and sharp image resulting in a bit of blurriness.

You need to check if the binoculars come with a fully multi-coated lens for the best optical performance. What glass material is used for the optics? A minimum of BaK-4 glass is recommended for the best image quality.

Prism design also affects the light transmission, so you need to consider it as well. The Porro prism design can be used for more applications than the roof prism design.

2. Peripherals

It would help if you also look for what peripheral features are available in the binoculars. A peripheral is a feature that allows user adjustments. Peripherals include diopter adjustment, angle adjustments, focus mechanisms, and zoom-in/out adjustments.

3. Focusing

Focusing is affected by the distance between lens and oculars, the distance between eyes and oculars, magnification power, and objective lens diameter.

The best way to combat the focusing issues is to ensure that the binoculars have at least 8x magnification with a 42mm objective lens allowing maximum light transmission for better image focus.

Also, make sure that the exit pupil is large enough or at least greater than 3mm. Finally, if you wear eyeglasses, a minimum of 16mm eye relief is recommended to enjoy a clear image.

4. User Adjustable Features

These include features that users can adjust according to their needs. They include adjustable magnification power to set how close you want to see your target, adjustable eyecups for setting eye relief, diopter adjustment for setting separation between the oculars according to separation between your eyes, and a focusing knob for adjusting the focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Barska binoculars?

Barska uses advanced technology for its optics. They don’t just manufacture binoculars; they also make telescopes, rifle scopes, microscopes, monoculars, and night vision devices, making them a qualified brand. Overall, their features enhance the user’s experience.

2. Design and functionality?

The design of each binocular is unique and stylish. They all come with different functionalities. Some include a GPS system, rangefinder, and a compass for getting your exact location and the distance between you and the target, along with a direction.

The rubberized body makes them non-slip, scratch-resistant, shockproof, and durable. In addition, some models are tripod adjustable. There are many more features that make Barska an excellent affordable brand.

3 Refund Policy?

The good news is that Barska supports a refund policy on their products. You can contact their customer service if your product has defects or damage. You can claim a return within 30 days on Amazon and within 21 days if you purchase through their website.


Barska is a good brand that offers reliable products in an affordable price range. They have a lot of features that make them different from other binoculars.

Some of their newest binoculars come with great features like the internal compass, rangefinder, and GPS system. They are very stylish and modern, making them the best binoculars to buy.

These binoculars are usually used by explorers, hikers, bird watchers, and hobbyists. All binoculars are equipped with several features which make them suitable for various applications. If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of binoculars, you can go for any of the Barska binoculars reviewed in this article.

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