Tasco Focus Free Binoculars (Guide & Review)

Reviewed by Dayna Hatmaker
Dayna Hatmaker

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Founded in the 1950s, Tasco is based in America, and its products are primarily manufactured in America. The parent company of Tasco also owns Bushnell, which is a well-known binocular brand, and professionals are familiar with how amazing their products are.

Tasco has an excellent model in the 8x32mm range, which is the TAS100832-BRK, and this version is something every hunter or outdoorsman would love to have. These binoculars come with a nice case, a neck strap, and even an instruction manual to help you learn how to use them properly. That is great because your investment will last as long as possible.

Tasco aims to produce high-quality binoculars for those on a lower budget or just starting their binocular journey. They are suitable for general outdoor activities, birding, seeing wildlife, nature watching, etc. This can be considered an ideal binocular brand. This article is going to be about their 8x32mm focus-free binoculars, which are pretty affordable.

Tasco Focus Free (Roof Prism) Binoculars Review

Tasco TAS100832-BRK Focus Free Binoculars 8×32

  • Product Dimensions: ‎6.5 x 5.4 x 2.3 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Magnification: 8X
  • Eye Relief: 12 mm

More features: Enables to capture more landscape, scratch-resistant surface, and increases its durability,unisex design, warranty for lifetime replacement or repair, come with a neck strap for easy carrying.

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Tasco TAS100832 BRK
61N48pRfcgL. AC SL1000
Tasco TAS100832 BRK
61N48pRfcgL. AC SL1000

1. Design

The size of these Tasco 8×32 focus-free binoculars is compact, and they weigh only 1.1 pounds, which is super easy to carry for extended periods. These binoculars can be used by anyone because their shape is not particularly geared to one gender but instead is formed in such a way as to accommodate any gender.

They do not have a focus wheel for focal adjustment, which is why they are lightweight and speedy to focus. In addition, the body of these binos is covered with rubberized armor, which protects the exterior from scratches and makes the grip more stable.

As for the design of eyecups, they come with fold-down eyecups that you can use for adjusting eye relief according to your needs. The color selection and style are excellent, and they will compliment your outfit and add a fashionable accessory.

2. Specification

By merely looking at the shape of these binoculars, it is evident that they use a roof prism design. In roof prism design, the prisms are aligned with each other avoiding the zig-zag shape of binoculars and making them more compact and light in weight.

They come with an eye relief of 12mm. Now, this specification is for people who wear eyeglasses. Eye relief is simply the distance between your pupil and the eyepiece lens, a.k.a. oculars. With such an eye relief range, you won’t have any problems achieving the desired distance.

Another parameter in their specification in the field of view (FOV). The FOV measures the horizontal area that your binoculars cover at 1000 yards away from the target. A 383ft FOV means that at 1000 yards away, these binoculars can cover a horizontal area of 383ft which avoids the need of moving your binoculars to cover more landscape.

The exit pupil is not mentioned in the specs, but the good news is that it can be calculated from the information that is a must to come with any binoculars. This information is the magnification and the objective lens diameter. In 8×32, 32mm is the objective lens diameter.

Exit pupil can simply be calculated as lends diameters divided by magnification power. So, for these 8×32 binos, the exit pupil is 4mm. Any value greater than three is considered good.

With 8x magnification, you will see your target eight times closer, allowing you to see fine details. The 32mm objective lens means more light can enter the binoculars, allowing for the creation of a brighter and sharp image of the target.

3. Warranty

The best feature of these Tasco 8×32 focus-free binoculars is that they come with a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer will replace or repair your binoculars, no matter the point of time of purchase.


  • They are lightweight and compact, allowing easy carrying.
  • A unisex design allows for use for both genders
  • The rubber armor protects its body, gives a scratch-resistant surface, and increases its durability.
  • Good eye relief of 12mm is sufficient for eyeglass wearers.
  • A perfect field of view of 383ft enables you to capture more landscape.
  • The exit pupil is also greater than the human eye pupil allowing the maximum light transmission to the eye for a brighter image.
  • It comes with a warranty for lifetime replacement or repair of the binoculars.
  • They are tripod adaptable.
  • They come with a neck strap for easy carrying.


  • Since there is no mention of it being waterproof, we take that it is not waterproof.

Frequently Asked Quetions

1. Is Tasco a good brand?

Yes. Tasco has been producing high-end binoculars at affordable prices for over 50 years now. Their products ensure greater durability, maximum light transmittance, coated optics, clear view, compactness, reduced weight, and a brighter image.

2. How do focus-free binoculars work?

Upon viewing the target, the light enters the binoculars via an objective lens. These light rays are then propagated to the lenses of the eyepieces, where the light is magnified to produce a magnified image of the target.

3. Are Tasco ZIP binoculars any good?

Yes. They offer a reasonably good FOV, an excellent and fast focus, a stable grip, a good magnification power, no eye strain, and a more transparent image of the target object.

4. How much is a pair of Tasco binoculars?

Tasco aims at providing low-budget products ensuring high quality at the same time. Most of their binoculars are under $100.


Tasco makes high-quality binoculars to suit all budgets and needs. These Tasco focus-free binoculars require no focusing and are simple to use since they do not have a focus wheel. They ensure that you get a clear image of your object, and they come with a warranty. What else could one ask for?

 Besides, Plus, Tasco has quite an experience of more than 50 years in providing quality budget binoculars to the market. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly pair of binoculars, Tasco will be your best bet. Overall, they provide a great experience.

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